How to create a circle of men

How to create a circle of men

Have you ever wondered how to create a Circle of Men?

Does it bore you to relate to other men always in a superficial way?

Usually with a beer in hand, watching a football game or making sexist comments on a topic.

Are you bored of the WhatsApp groups with porn photos and tacky jokes?

If you no longer want to compete more, if you feel the desire to share a different space with other men, based on respect, admiration and mutual support to be better men and better people, then, friend, read on.

You are in the right place

I created this post with everything you need to know about how to create a  friend Circle of Evolutionary Men (CHE) so that you can create one yourself.

Why are the Circle of Men so necessary?

I assume that if you are reading this post it is because you are already aware of the importance of these spaces for men.

Anyway, I would like us to talk a little about what are the reasons that make these spaces so necessary.

The history of circles

Throughout the history of humanity, men and women have had their own spaces to share separated from one another.

The men went hunting and sat in a circle around the fire.

Meanwhile, the women were in the cave, taking care of the children and doing other tasks that were considered exclusively feminine.

These historical data remind us that it is fundamental to connect with our masculine or feminine nature to create and share spaces only of men and only of women.

What happens now

Today, men’s spaces have been reduced to environments of unconsciousness, places where they can escape from a society in which men feel oppressed for many reasons.

When was the last time you had a deep conversation in a group of men?

Maybe you are very lucky and your friends are very awake. However, in general, this is one of the complaints I hear most in the men who come to the circles and workshops I organize.

Men need a space in which we can look inwards.  We do not need more spaces full of alcohol, drugs and harmful distractions that keep us from connecting with ourselves.

Women vs men

For decades, women have started to wake up and do their job. Thanks to the feminist movement, they rescued something basic: union.

They meet, they group, they support each other to obtain rights that society has denied them.

We are witnessing the awakening of femininity: there are courses, events and workshops created by and for women.

This is very positive and very necessary.

Men, meanwhile, are mostly asleep.

We continue in the inertia of what they have told us is our role. And we suffer in silence due to social conditioning

The time has come to follow the path marked by women and begin to create conscious spaces in which we come together to try to answer the great question of what it means to be a man today.

What is a Circle of Men?

circle of men

CHE is a space in which men can share their personal growth path, can support each other and can connect with other men who are also awakening.

1. A Space to Share

A CHE is a safe and prepared space for growth in which men can openly share all kinds of issues.

I know a lot of men who feel lonely.

For one reason or another, the men around you do not want to talk about certain issues.

Many of the men who come to the circles look for a different space.

They are tired of football, sexist conversations, spaces full of superficiality, absurd jokes and competitiveness.

They want to connect more deeply with other men.

It is very difficult to swim always against the current. If you surround yourself with other men with your same concerns it will be much easier to grow.

2. A Space to Open and Lean

One of the things that most men long for is a space in which to feel supported and away from judgments, competitiveness and the typical comments of “nothing happens, uncle,” “is a g ** rr *”, “bébete another beer “, or simply” it will pass “.

In the CHE:

  1. No advice given. Men have the deep mania of wanting to fix everything. In the CHE we abandon that role. Here we listen, understand, support and accompany us. We do not tell anyone what to do.
  2. It is not judged. Many men feel judged and therefore do not speak and do not share. In the CHE we strive not to judge and if we do we try to be aware of it.
  3. We take off our masks. The circle is a space in which you can show yourself as you are, you do not have to keep pretending. Here you do not have to be “Mister Nice Guy”.

3. A Space to Connect

The CHE fosters the connection with other men in a deep way, from heart to heart, from soul to soul.

Here we meet other men involved in their personal development and dedicated to their own process of evolution.

The power of the group

It is incredible the strength that gives to know that there is a group of men who will listen to you in the next meeting and will give you their support and advice if you wish.

This is a support that makes you stronger, more aware and that helps you in each of the facets of your life.

  • If you feel lonely, if you have always related better to women, if you feel that it is time to live a real connection with other men , this is your place.
  • If you are changing and your environment no longer understands you, you need a circle to be able to live this adventure with other men in the same situation and stop pressing your usual friends that do not seem to evolve.

It is wonderful that, when a difficult situation happens, a part of you is happy because you can tell it in the next circle and share it with the group.

If all this resonates but you do not know any circle near you, why not create it yourself?

Why not take a step forward in your masculinity and generate a space that serves to inspire others, help you grow and put you in the service of more men like you?

Then I leave the basic rules of a cycle of Evolutionary Men.

Basic rules to create a Circle of Men



This is very important: everything that happens in the circle is confidential.

To create a safe space is necessary that what is said there, the personal experiences of each one, do not leave that circle.

Of course, you can share your experience outside the circle, but you must respect the confidentiality of your colleagues.

Personal responsibility

The first step to take care of oneself is to speak from the self.

This means that I express my problems by taking responsibility for my role in the matter.

I do not blame, I explain how I feel, I tell how I participate. I become the owner of my reality.

Active listening

In this space, I listen to open heart, empathize and support my partner.

The full presence of all the members is what gives meaning to the circle.

No advice is given

Unless explicitly requested, we do not give advice.

I can share my experience in a similar situation, but I never tell anyone what I should do because I am not an expert in the lives of others.

And also, who likes to be given advice not requested?

Male Communication

You do not have to tell your whole life or you extend a lot to explain.

You can tell about your experience in a direct way by saying things as they are to you, without needing to seek acceptance from others.


All men are equal in this space. There are no differences for any reason you can imagine.

We avoid focusing on the differences of race, age, sexual preference, nationality, religion, if not what unites us. BE MEN.

There are no judgments

I understand my partner as a mirror that shows me the good and the bad that I have inside. Do not judge him for what he does or for what he says. I only observe what happens in me when he says something that I consider inopportune.

How to create a Circle of Men in your area?

If everything I have told you does not convince you yet to set up a circle of men yourself.

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