17 Basic garments that every Modern Man should have in his wardrobe Do you have them?

17 Basic garments that every Modern Man should have in his wardrobe Do you have them?

They say that every alpha male does not need to walk to the last shout of fashion to be irresistible to women, but never have enough basic pledge to help this purpose. While you could pile up a lot of clothes in the closet, you might have some favorite pieces, even others that would never let go.

But are the parts correct and essential? Therefore, here we present the 17 essential dress codes for every modern man:

1. At least two suits

If you wear a suit every day, at least you must have two of them. A navy or charcoal suit would be suitable to go anywhere.

The two shown here are from Suitsupply. For the intelligent buyer who already knows his size, the people in charge of the online store of Indochino, Alton Lane and others make it easy to acquire them.

Of course, two is not a limit, just a good starting point to build a complete wardrobe, without missing the suit.

2. A white dress shirt for formal occasions

men's wardrobe essentials

A white shirt is absolutely essential for when you need to look clean and ironed and sometimes more formal.

You must find a shirt that works for you. Some options can be found here. It has online stores.

3. A pale blue shirt for less formal occasions

men's wardrobe essentials

Like the white one, this shirt is probably a battle garment that every gentleman should have in his wardrobe for any day of the week. The Thomas Pink brand can be a good option.

4. Coat to cover you in cold weather

men's wardrobe essential

For the colder months, a wool coat will fit perfectly on your suits. This black colored is a great option, but the navy style is more versatile.

5. And a raincoat for the rainiest months

When the wool is too hot, opt for raincoats. Its good aspect of military inspiration will cover you with aplomb in the rainiest months. Burberry is a classic option.

6. cashmere sweaters for all occasions in winter

This garment is perfect for all occasions in the coldest months. Having one of a neutral color, such as navy blue, would be appropriate because it goes with all your suits and shirts.

If cashmere is not in your budget, a cotton-cashmere sweater is so soft that you will not need more. J. Crew represents a great option.

7. A pair of brown dress shoes

You can diversify with other colors and styles later, but for now it is better to have a pair of brown shoes, as they are suitable with your suits. The Allen Edmonds brand is great to start. Up above with Alden and Grenson .

8. And a belt that combines

men's wardrobe essential

men's wardrobe essential

9. An impressive watch

This garment could be a bit controversial since many men are not wearing watches these days. But they should use it. A well-chosen watch can complement a suit and a jacket. Walking without a watch is like bringing a pair of pants without a belt. You need it.

There are hundreds of options for all tastes. There are high-end like Jaeger-LeCoultre Master, but a number of brands make a range of suitable models of all price types, including Orient, Tissot, Hamilton, Omega, Citizen and Tag Heuer.

10. A navy blue sports coat is more useful than you think

A sports coat can give a class to any shirt that brings over. You can definitely use it on more occasions than you imagine. J. Crew is a great choice.

11. A casual button-down checked shirt

The options here are unlimited. Both Alcott and Tommy Hilfiger are so versatile and can be worth either under sacks or so alone. Alcott fabric shirts have their own class.

12. Another great informal option is the Polo shirt

It is another piece that looks more elegant than a shirt but is equally easy to wear. Polo Ralph Lauren has its iconic version, but all over the world, there are many more options from different ranges.

13. A pair of casual pants

For that gray zone of formality, the casual pants are perfect. Wear them with a polo shirt for a more casual look, or with a button-up shirt and sports coat for something not so casual.

These peter England garments are a good option, but you can also find many options that fit your body and budget.

14. A pair of dark jeans

It is important to appreciate the clean aesthetics of a denim or dark denim trousers. Formal or informal dresses will always be clean, and a well-placed pair will stand out in all casual environments.

Originally you could only get a pair in companies in Japan, but in recent years American companies , has emerged in response to growing demand in the United States.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with U.S Polo Assn. Denim Co.

15. A high-quality shirt fits perfectly

This is not negotiable. Even if you do not see yourself as a type of person wearing a casual t-shirt, some situations invite you to be comfortable.

White is the most versatile color there is, but neither can it be a shirt worn under shirts. This is another case in which you must find one that works for your body type.

16. A pair of boots to drink after work

types of mens fashion Beautifu Birmingham “A snapshot of style from around Britain GQ

Every man needs a pair of super versatile shoes that are not formal or casual. They are those that fill that nebulous space between dress shoes and tennis shoes for sport.

Many guys can consider the timberland that is increasingly popular, although there are a lot of options and different prices.

17. Casual tennis for the weekend

Men's wardrobe essential

Sports shoes are more acceptable in more places than ever before. You can wear them all weekend and that way you would give your dress shoes a rest. There are a lot of options like New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.

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