7 things that destroy the relationship as a couple

7 things that destroy the relationship as a couple

The separations are difficult and much more numerous than might be expected, however, many could be avoided by only preventing certain things that are known to destroy the couple.

Knowing someone and starting a relationship is extremely satisfying and in the beginning, everything seems perfect. But as the relationship progresses, some details begin to come to light. Attitudes or gestures that destroy the relationship of anybody. In this transition, certain difficulties may arise if they are not discussed in depth. Make clear from the beginning the tastes, preferences, and everything that bothers or hurts is the only option.

Most couples fall into the fatal error of not saying anything and then everything gets worse. The discomfort is hidden to avoid a discussion and the other can interpret that there is nothing wrong. For this reason, it is positive to keep in mind the most common things that destroy the relationship as a couple.

7 most common things that destroy the relationship as a couple

While it is true that there are hundreds of factors that can lead the couple to a break, these are the most common. Having them present so as not to fall into its negative effect is the attention that all people must have.

1) Allow third parties to express their opinion

Allowing friends or family members to think about their partner’s life is a terminal error. Maybe, the first few times I accept it in silence out of respect. But the truth is that it can cause internal damage and over time it becomes a serious problem. On the one hand, the partner feels that they give him the place he deserves in the relationship. On the other hand, third parties feel they have the right to express their opinion as if they were part of the couple.

2) Destructive criticism

Perform aggressive criticism or ridicule, causes damage to self-esteem. With love and delicacy, if they have good dialogue, surely they will appreciate the advice. But if it is given without anyone asking and in a derogatory tone is one of the serious issues that destroy the relationship as a couple. The person who feels assaulted tends to isolate himself or avoid contact so as not to feel worse.

3) Excessive control

Some – men or women – tend to want to control absolutely everything in their lives, including their partners. Excessive jealousy, check cell phones, control schedules are actions that tire anyone. And also, they generate that the lies begin. Trust must be present and not just with the word.

4) Ignore problematic situations

Following the daily routine while the couple is overwhelmed with a situation, is another of the things that destroy the couple. The problems of the home, the economy, the children must be shared. If one completely ignores their existence, another is burdened with everything and adds anger for lack of commitment. At the moment, it will not be known what the main cause was, but the couple will already be broken.

5) Forget about sex

That one or both show a disinterest in having sex is also harmful. The first excuses are surely accepted, but then the discussion begins. One of the keys to fostering the relationship is sexual intimacy. It is that time they take to join with all the senses and forget the whole world around them. If there is no sex, the person will choose to leave home or find another person with whom to find everything.

6) The details that you fell in love no longer exist

In the beginning, the couple is attentive to every detail of their partner. Dates of birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day are reasons for tender and romantic encounters. Likewise, when one is sick, worrying about their health or helping with tasks so that the rest is an attention. However, many in the marriage begin to forget those details and the reproaches come immediately. They feel like disinterest, carelessness or lack of love. 

7) Neglecting yourselves

There are those who after getting their partner stop looking after their appearance and even their health. They gain a lot of weight, they relegate the exercises and they no longer remember what a stylist is. It is the same to be well produced than with sleepwear at home. These attitudes destroy the couple because they become another person. They can no longer see the coquette well combed and combined from the first outings. And that has nothing sensual or attractive.

It is true that people mature and change as they grow. And couples must mature for that reason. The best way is to not stop doing the things that helped that relationship to be formed.

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