Overcoming a breakup: how much time do we really need?

Overcoming a breakup: how much time do we really need?

Do you need to overcome a sentimental break and you feel stuck in a sea of ​​sadness? You must dedicate a time to your interior to reach oblivion and open the door again to love


Overcoming a breakup is a process by which, almost all people, pass at some point in their lives. It is a period of mourning necessary to accept the loss of that partner with whom they had planned the whole future.

In its different stages, the emotions fluctuate from one extreme to another with a speed that overwhelms. Mood states are altered without individuals being able, many times, to understand what happens. Although those who are in this situation know that they must forget, they can not easily balance their interior.

You want to overcome a break and everyone talks to you about time

Generally, loved ones who try to comfort and accompany their friend in this arduous task of overcoming a love break, advise you to take some time. This word is used so much that at some point it can be considered to be a work of magic. One day the time was fulfilled and everything was forgotten. Well, it’s not that simple.

Actually, what they mean is that assimilating the separation, putting all feelings in focus and starting over again takes a while to work. Depending on the relationship and the personality of each being, it can range between 6 months and 2 years to overcome a healthy break.

The important thing is to know that you do not have to lie down in a bed to wait for the months to run. Actually, there are certain actions that the newly single ones must perform to get ahead. A conscious search of internal tranquility and reinforcement of the self-esteem that can be hurt when finishing a strong love story.


overcoming breakup

Phases that you must go through to overcome a rupture and recover your fullness

1. Bewilderment makes a shake with your emotions

It is the first stage, that which still is not well understood what is happening. For some instants it seems that the world collapsed and crushed them; to the seconds, all the hate is present in their interior and they only want revenge. It is a whirlpool of emotions that do not find their place.

Such internal rebellion causes alterations in sleep, in appetite and in the rest of relationships. But you have to stay calm and do not take action in that state. After a few days, everything will be seen more clearly.

2. Pain becomes present and puts traps in the way

Generally, it is the hardest part to travel because of the anguish it brings. The gaps left by the rupture become visible, the frustrations of everything that could not appear, despite having wanted it so much and together.


overcoming a breakup


The worst error in separations is usually committed in this phase. The sadness plays a trick and the desire to escape much suffering, the impulse is to contact the former. But unfortunately, if they give in to this temptation, they will only lengthen the process.

3. You begin to reflect and maybe even allow yourself to find guilty

With more calmness and clarity in the thoughts, they allow themselves to analyze how they arrived at the end. All why they begin to find answers, or at least, the answers that a person needs to overcome the break.


overcoming a breakup


The truths may be different for each one, but the important thing is to detect those things that have worn the relationship to the point of breaking it. They are likely to find guilty; Although the majority blames the partner, we must accept that both were part of the story in its entirety, even in the outcome.

4. You manage to talk about that relationship in the past

The day comes when it is understood that the past must be left behind and is part of the memories. It was a strong relationship that marked a time in their lives, but nothing more than that.

Life goes on, friends and family are at your side as always and there are many other projects to fulfill. In this stage, the energy begins to change and positive moods appear again.

5. A new partner would be the perfect complement to your current life

Although in the early stages, it was surely repeated that they would never be interested in anyone, now that idea changes. They are ready to meet someone else and give themselves the opportunity, again, to enjoy a relationship.


overcoming a breakup


The anxiety of getting ready for an appointment, going out to have fun and embarking on other experiences make them happy again.

Tips to overcome a break in less time

  • Avoid obsessions of all kinds. Neither the extreme of finding every detail that led to the separation nor the way to get out of the pain faster is healthy. You have to relax and give rise to feelings little by little.
  • Escape the role of victims. No person can achieve his goals if he is not the protagonist of his own life.
  • Do not look for excuses to have a contact. It is necessary to forget and overcome a break away completely from the life of your ex: nothing to inquire of friends, look at their social profiles, etc.
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