Mother. Girlfriend. Sister. Daughter. Wife. Friend. Grandma. No matter the relationship or the relationship. All of us men have the women of our lives. In general in the plural. Or sometimes in the singular. It does not matter the number. It is those women who, just imagining them suffering, make us suffer as much.

We love her and would do anything to protect them. But the reality is that we do not even have to go that far. “All” is a word as vague as it is broad. If we want to do something that really matters for the women of our lives, the way is simple: to fight for gender equality.

Women do not need us, men, to support them, protect them or anything else from nature. They are as strong and capable as we are. Sometimes even more. Why would they need that, then? The only thing they need – and deserve – is an egalitarian society. And we, who are willing to do everything for them, are not even offering this.

A poll showed that one in three Brazilians was a victim of violence in the last year. The data include “being beaten, cursed, threatened, grabbed, pursued, stabbed, shoved or kicked”. How did we get to that point?


That’s not counting sexual violence. Officially, a woman is raped every 11 minutes in the country. And know that the number gets worse because he only takes into account the women who lodged a complaint with the police. According to studies, 90% of victims do not report on occurrence. Conclusion? Probably the actual data is almost a rape per minute.

Not enough of this reality, some people still insist on blaming the victim, who “wore a short one too short” or “drank too much” or “was alone out of the house late.” As if freedom were synonymous with guilt.

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The woman can be dressed, social, lingerie, burka, bikini, naked – it does not matter. Clothes are not an invitation to rape. Neither is she drunk or on the street alone or any other circumstantial factor. There is only one culprit for rape: the perpetrator.

If men are afraid of being raped in prison, women have this fear all the time. And this shows the oppressive society in which they live.


Sexism is also present in the labor market. Did you know that women earn on average 74.5% of the men’s salary, even in positions that are of the same rank?

Many men grimace when they hear the word “feminism. ” But they should not. Feminism does not advocate privileges for women, but rather equality in rights. It’s not asking too much.

It is time to reflect on machismo and to take action.

A simple and efficient first step, which every man can put into practice even today, is to retire the jokes and macho expressions that we sometimes use as a joke. They may seem innocent, but they help perpetuate a culture that should not have room in our society.

Another habit that deserves immediate retirement: sung and dried shameless in the street. “You guys will never understand the fear of when a car starts to slow down and slope to speak cutely,” a girl on Twitter commented at the time that collective rape in Rio de Janeiro became a headline.

I imagine no one wants the women of your life living in a permanent state of fear and alertness, right? Want to do something meaningful for them? Fight for gender equality. They deserve it. And the other women in the world, too.

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