The WhatsApp is screwing your productivity – and you might not have noticed. A survey recently revealed that Brazilians spend on average more than nine hours a day on the internet. It is not absurd, considering that for many professionals, the internet is their main tool of work.

It turns out that in the same study we are the world’s runners-up, behind only India, when it comes to time spent on social networks. Our national average is over 3hours 57 minutes a day. Yeah. If you have the feeling that you lack time in your life to exercise, read books and things like that, you have now discovered the reason: it is because you are spending all your free time on social networks.

Of course, this is not an absolute rule, it is a national average. So obviously there are people who use less – and others who use even more. But the chance is great that you’re at least in the vicinity.


Now guess what is the most downloaded social network in Brazil today, both for iOS smartphones and Android? WhatsApp, of course. Next, we have Instagram and then Facebook. All of Mark Zuckerberg, by the way. Clever fellow.

Although Facebook has more users in the country, on a daily basis we use WhatsApp with a higher frequency. It is notification the whole time, being the majority in groups. It is family, football, work, college, school group … There are so many that we even lose count.

And then we thought, “Ah, let me pause here 2 minutes to read the message …” First, the chance of these “2 minutes” multiplying is high. After you sign in to WhatsApp, you’ll probably also check the notifications from other groups and the direct messages you received.

And if the person is online, ready, there is the risk of the “answer” become a “conversation.” There went 15 minutes of your precious time. Multiply this situation ten times a day and then we can understand why the Brazilian spends almost 4 hours a day on social networks.

Even if you have the discipline to look only at that original notification, there is a second question: according to neuroscience experts, with each interruption, it takes about 23 minutes for our brain to return to the full performance of the original task.

So let’s go to the accounts. If you make a modest pause of 2 minutes every half hour – which seems harmless, does not it? – will only work 5 minutes at its maximum capacity during this period. That’s a shocking statistic, to say the least. And let’s remember that this is a conservative scenario because often these 2 minutes increase.


What, then, to combat this problem? First, leave the groups that do not add anything in your life. If the gang only shares memes and silly, why waste time there?

Explain politely that you are at a stage where you need to focus more on work or study. So you’re leaving the group for a while – you do not even have to go into detail and say that this period is “forever. ”

The next step? Turn off notifications at work and studies. If someone has something urgent to talk to you, you can rest easy, because you will call. No one who breaks his foot in a hole asks for WhatsApp and waits for the other to see the message.

So you can focus 100% on a task until you complete it. And, if you want, after that enter the app to see if they send you a new message. All answered? Then you can go to the next task, again without interruption.

If in your work WhatsApp is used as a corporate communication tool, then the best alternative is to silence the notification of all groups and contacts, leaving it active only in the workgroup and your colleagues in the company.

This little change of attitude will bring great benefits to your life, have no doubts. And not only because you will spend your time on things more useful than chatting with people, but also because your productivity and performance will rise to the level as a whole. What’s the test?

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