It seems to be a lost battle, however much you try to increase your muscle mass, you train well and feel that you are feeding yourself in the best way … your muscles do not respond. In general, most of the guides and tips are focused on people who have a very slow metabolism and want to lose those extra kilos, with thousands of articles, tips, diets, advice and much more.

However, on the other side of the coin, there are those whose ultra­fast metabolism seems to prevent them from increasing
even a single gram of weight. Yes, they are usually defined, but no matter how hard they try to train, the scale does not rise by
a single digit and their frustration is evident.

To begin with, several considerations to keep in mind:

1.­ Your body is like those cars that consume a lot of gasoline and you must be constantly filling the pond. In our case, that
translates into food. Eat, but really eat, it’s essential for us, do not forget about that, it’s essential! If you do not eat, no
matter how much weight you lift, you will not grow. One of the main reasons why you are skinny is that your body resorts to
energy reserves for daily caloric consumption, therefore, the deposits of fat and muscles are always low minimum, so, if you do
not throw food, where do you want that? your body draws energy, calories?

2.­ your workouts should be short and precise but you should demand the most. You should not spend more than 1 hour in the
gym or do long series with many repetitions since that translates into burning calories and what ectomorphs need most are
calories. Forget about working like the rest, you are different from them.

3 .­ your routine should be divided in 3 days NO MORE! It grows when you rest, therefore, your muscles need the necessary
rest, especially an ectomorph.

Do you plan to go partying? Do not dream it, if you want to grow you should sleep and rest for at least 7 hours. The thinner, the
more you should sleep.

4.­ Do not do so much cardio. The cardio burns all the precious calories that cost us so much to gain to increase body mass

The ectomorphs, or thin by nature, should bear in mind that they have an ultra­fast metabolism that burns many calories as nervous energy and that also have a limited capacity to absorb food.

That’s why there are things that do not work like: ­To eat a lot of food at one time since they only take advantage of a small portion and the rest will be wasted, causing saturation and saturation of appetite. ­Consume all those foods that fatten fat people, such as refined sugars or saturated fats, does not help them because their metabolism will be forced to process them, but they will not extract materials to build woven.

The rules of feeding to respect to achieve substantial gains in weight are basic and simple application: ­Eat small amounts of food, but do it with a frequency of every two or three hours. ­Include red meat and eggs in the diet at least once every day. ­ Include fats in the diet, but not the saturated, such as butter, sausages, etc., but unsaturated fats, such as avocado, nuts, vegetable oils, and bluefish. ­Avoid simple sugars and carbohydrates in favor of complexes, such as cereals and whole grain bread, legumes and vegetables.

­The proportion between macronutrients should be around the following percentages: carbohydrates 50­60%, proteins 25­30%, fats 20­25%. If a friend, you are continually bombarded with the damn proteins but believe me, an ectomorph what you need to really grow is carbohydrates. ­Each of the meals must necessarily incorporate the three sources of calories. ­You should never go to bed without having something in your stomach. ­Keep food well. ­Learn to enjoy the food. ­The constancy is essential, never skip a meal, even if it is only a small snack. ­Beverage enough water outside of meals. Two to three liters is enough.

­ Those who tolerate milk well and do not cause flatulence or intestinal discomfort can drink a glass with each meal. ­It is convenient to know that proteins will serve to build new tissues, as long as the body is not forced to use them to produce energy, a function that carbohydrates cover, which is why they must always be present to preserve proteins.

Advantages of being ectomorphic

Most of the television actors, professional models are ectoform somatotype. Thanks to the fact that it is difficult for them to gain weight, it helps to accumulate only muscle mass and not fat during training. Making an athletic body is an easy goal for an ectomorph.

The basic exercises work for the main muscle groups if they are executed with great weight and with 5­7 repetitions, this forces the organism to produce testosterone and other hormones, which are fundamental for muscle growth.

What supplements to take

To increase muscle is not mandatory to take supplements, but these can help you to have a well-balanced diet. It is recommended for the ectoform somatotype, to take proteins with carbohydrates in the morning and after training, BCAA amino acids during their training. You can also consume creatine which will help you give more volume and energy to your body.

Now the big question, how should an Ectomorph train to gain muscle mass?

Tips ­- Remember to be hydrated before, during and after exercising. ­Food is very important, from now on, apart from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you should eat between them.

Eat fruit at breakfast and between banana meals, rice, whole milk, cheese, bread or a protein shake. the trick to gain muscle is in doing few repetitions but with a lot of weight. In theory, you should lift 80% of the maximum you could lift in a single repetition.

­Avoid processed foods to the maximum, follow a more natural diet. ­Avoid the maximum consumption of alcoholic beverages and definitely refrain from smoking. ­Limitates intense

physical exercise to your routine sessions, do not do more exercise after these.

-Avoid the consumption of caffeinated beverages because they can affect your sleep.


Its bone structure is thin and light (even weak) and tends to be tall and thin, with long limbs.
Advantages: they have no predisposition to store fat. Disadvantages: but it is not easy for them to gain muscle mass either. It
is the ideal somatotype for endurance athletes


The best training for an ectomorph is a short and intense one. The exercises have to be directed mainly
to large muscle groups, leaving aside specific exercises for specific parts of the musculature. It is important that they eat well
and that in times of intense training they increase their caloric intake

Objective: gain muscle mass

  • ­ Move a lot of weight but reduce the frequency of sessions with compound exercises.
  • Carry out a small volume of repetitions: between six and nine per series to gain muscle and strength.
  • Sessions should be short, but rest more time to move extreme weights.
  • The cardio should not be our priority, so do not do more than two weekly sessions.
  • Avoid the use of stimulants before training. For example, Ingest branched chain amino acids instead of caffeine
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