The image has become very important in men, we must know how to choose, combine and know the tricks to be more beautiful. Forget that anything goes, therefore, knowing how to dress well becomes paramount depending on each circumstance. For that reason we want you to be men with a lot of style so we explain to you next. How to dress well, Men | Tips and tricks

how to dress well men

How to dress well, Men | Tips, and tricks

Why not say it, men love to dress well, have a modern and modern look. My friends and many women have asked me what are the most important style secrets, with the aim of seeking help for their boyfriends, brothers, children, friends and even husbands. The good aspect is worth a thousand words. The better you feel about the clothes you wear the more confidence you will have in yourself and, therefore, the more opportunities you will have in your personal life as well as in your professional life.

The first step that we should have clear to dress well is to take into account our body type and secondly, our lifestyle. It is not the same to dress a tall person as a low one, a plump person than a thin person. For example, a suit will look much better on a thin, short-waisted man, or a shirt with an English collar is perfect for men who have a round face.

how to dress well men

In addition, it will be essential that you keep in mind some clear ideas about what we have to do when it comes to choosing a certain type of clothing for each occasion and something important that few men value: how to combine clothing with success. Sometimes it is not just a matter of wearing a good suit, but we have to know how to wear it and especially what tones and how to combine better.

Let’s see now some “tips” that seem basic to start learning to dress well. Next, we will teach you how to dress according to the type of body. In addition, you should always take into account the colors that can fit you well according to the latest trends.

Fashion is not just to put on the most beautiful of each season, it is to be comfortable with what you wear. Forget what they say that to be handsome you have to suffer, only then you can wear a suit or a more informal “look” with style. Ready to learn how to dress well ?.

Basic tips to dress well each season

how to dress well men

Footwear is basic

Because there are still few men who give the value that it really has to their shoes? Remember the statement that we can “judge or know a man by his shoes”.

If you’ve never had good shoes before, the time has come. It is essential that you have comfortable and sporty shoes, but the key to your suit is good always a good tie to match, and of course, good dress shoes that you can take advantage of for years.

You must dress according to your age

The shirts or shirts with jeans are basic for men of all kinds, but as you get older it is essential to know what is best left in the closet.

If you already have more than 40, leave out the shirts and if you want to be able to say that you dress well, start using shirts (some basic ones like white or navy blue), and other types of pants, whether Chinese, or Even dress pants, and it will not hurt for you to wear shoes more often.

Ignore fashion trends

Be careful, I do not want you to misinterpret this point.

I’m not saying that you do not have to be attentive to things like, for example, which tones are worn each season or if it is better to wear a more or less fitted look, but do not insist on always wearing the latter thinking that you dress better and more if you are young We cannot always spend all the money we want on clothes, so it is better to bet on insurance than to end up buying, for example, jeans with tears on all sides, when we know that next year they may not even wear it.

Take care of clothes

This is basic to know how to dress well. You should not wear clothes that look very worn,but that does not mean that you should throw it from season to season.

If you take good care of your clothes, if you wash your clothes, iron and store them properly, it will last you for years and you can boast of always being impeccable.

You must have at least a good suit in your closet

And one that is of a basic color, be it gray, black or navy blue (or all three). A fitted suit that you can take advantage of for big occasions. I do not mean any suit. You must invest your money as if you were going to buy any other “investment” in the future.

You may go to put it on a few occasions, but if you take care of it and keep it regularly in your weight, you can always say that you are right when the occasion requires it.

Jeans. they are basic

As long as you have a good pair of jeans, it will happen to you as with the suit; that you will be successful. Try to have some blues and other blacks, that fit well and that you wear regularly, either with a shirt, or a sweater or a blazer.

Cotton pants

The cotton pants, the Chinese type or more to dress, are basic for those occasions in which you want to look better than with jeans. It is better to buy a pair of shades such as navy blue or cream, and you will see how the possibilities with them are endless.


  • Do not be guided by trends.
  • Bet on basic fashion like jeans or cotton pants.
  • Dress according to your age
  • Give footwear the importance it deserves.

How to dress well, according to your body type or constitution

how to dress well men

Let’s start with the thinnest men. This type of body usually does not find any problem to find the clothes of the size that best suits him but they must take into account a few tips:

How to dress well, if you are thin

how to dress well men

thin person has, as a general rule, a less muscular structure than the rest. The extremities of the thin person are usually long.

Volume: This is a point to keep in mind when choosing a coat or trousers. Play with the volume in the garments: large pockets, …

Pants: The cut of your pants, to be well dressed, must be straight so as not to exaggerate the figure. Forget the skinny pants! These will make you look much thinner. Even if they are a trend they are not the best option unless you want to see yourself as a “punk” guy and maybe you’re not old enough for that either.

how to dress well men

Suit:  If you want to choose a suit to keep in mind the length of this. The sleeves must be above the wrist and the length of the jacket should not be much to go dressed properly and not give the feeling of the suit you have left big. With the suits, the volume is not necessary since you must bring it with shirts, ties, and jackets.

Informal looks: For everything that looks casual, like T-shirts and shorts in summer or shirts and sweaters for winter is better to choose clothes that look a little loose or that are straight before too tight. It is not a matter of buying clothes that are not your size but do not wear very tight clothes because your body will look formless and out of shape.

Shirts: You can choose this way for the currently fashionable shirts, known as “oversize” and that is somewhat wider and also longer. With them, you can “hide” a little your thin body and have a somewhat more “plump”.

Remember :

  • Do not choose too long suits
  • Choose clothes with volume
  • It is better to choose loose or straight garments
  • Oversize shirts will fit you

How to dress well, if you are “plump”

how to dress well men

The fat or endoformos bodies tend to put on weight. They have a wider waist than usual and enjoy a higher density. The extremities are shorter than the rest of people.

Size : People who are gorditas or with endo-form bodies must know how to choose the correct size . Do not even think about buying smaller clothes! , even if you intend to lose weight since it is only an idea and not a fact. In this way you can wear all kinds of styles or clothes without having to always wear black, to look thinner or fatter. Look at the image above, the boy wears a lot of style despite having a higher weight.

Straight lines: Base your style on vertical and straight lines, beware of cuts and lengths of shirts, suits, … Unlike thin ones, never add more layers and volumes. The best pants are those that have a high waist and that provide linearity.

how to dress well men

Neutral tones : On the other hand it is good to use clothes in neutral tones, such as black, brown, gray, etc … to which you can get a better match if what you want is to hide your kilo. Now it is not recommended that you fill up with clothes and layers if it is not necessary (for example in winter) if you do not want to see them wider yet.

In part, it is the most difficult way to dress well, but if we apply the advice that I just gave you, you will strengthen the silhouette and disguise the negative points.


  • Choose clothes of your size
  • Choose clothes with neutral tones
  • Bet on straight designs

How to dress if you are Muscle

how to dress well men

When we talk about muscular bodies, we are referring to an athletic model. The shape of his body is usually in V, with broad shoulders, narrow waist and that is close to the perfection of today. Just like the body that has, for example, the actor Chris Hemsworth (photo above).

Avoid tight clothing : Muscular people although with the desired body, not always hit with their style to wear as many tend to choose shirts, shirts and generally, clothing that is very tight,  but this is a mistake because the only thing that gets is too tight, without style and even (say) something ridiculous if we take into account that a shirt (for example) too tight will be too short because with your pectorals you will not get to stay in your place ever.

how to dress well men

Balance: If thanks to your constitution and the effort you make in the gym you have achieved a muscular body, the only thing you must do to dress well is to look for a balance between the waist and shoulders. This is one of the biggest problems athletic people can encounter.

From here, another question that we can pose is:  loose clothing or tight clothing? neither of the two extremes is good. It is not good to see someone with very tight clothes, or with very loose clothing, as if it were a bag. Also, it is not good to combine tight jeans with a loose shirt, for example. Avoid the extremes.


  • The tight clothes do not favor you
  • Find the balance between the waist and shoulders

How to dress well, according to the height

how to dress well men

How to dress well if you are tall

how to dress well men

Blazers: The tall men are very good jackets that are type bombers, in addition to the jackets that are crossed and blazers or American . Play with prints and jackets that have great drawings, plus you will also dress well if you bet on the style “denim” that is tedencia this 2015 and for all 2016.

Skinny pants: For tall people, the skinny pants are the most ideal to dress well . But the problem is that not everyone likes to wear this model of pants. You also have good straight pants. If you have money take advantage to make a custom-made suit, you will notice right away how well you can get and the difference with any other type of suit.

Round footwear : On the other hand it is always better that you choose footwear that is not tip . Maybe what I’m telling you sounds silly but if you are very tall, I am convinced that your foot will be big enough so that you do not want to look like a duck for choosing some pointed shoes. It is better to opt for sports shoes with a rounded tip such as runningshoes or shoes such as boots and round toe boots.


  • Bet on bombers and blazers
  • Always wear skinny pants
  • Forget the spiky shoes

How to dress, if you are low

how to dress well men

The low men, the sizing that best suits him is the one that rests on the hips. The more fitted the better.

Tight pants: A short man will always have a trouser that fits a larger one. The why is easy because with a “slim fit” cut pants you will see the leg more defined and with it something longer even if you are short. Also, if you choose prints like the one with stripes, you will see yourself taller.

Horizontal stripesHorizontal stripes give the appearance of having a larger body and with this, you can pretend that you are somewhat higher, while vertical stripes are what will make you look taller with little effort. The length of the stripes does not really matter.

how to dress well men

Colors: Wear the same color of pants and on the jacket. A trick is that you can take advantage of the big soles to gain a few centimeters with boots or shoes or put templates on the inside of the shoes.


  • Do not wear baggy pants
  • Bet on prints of horizontal stripes and always matching colors in jacket and trousers
  • Bet on templates

How to dress well: Lifestyle

When it comes to dressing, you have to take into account the lifestyle you have. If you execute a position with responsibility, leadership, and authority, the image should reflect capacity, knowledge, and experience. And you will ask yourself: Do you really only get this with clothes? flatly YES, the long years of study and preparation will do you no good if, in the end, you do not project it in your image. This can help you to make this path much easier and not become an obstacle.

If you work or have a more relaxed life you will always be able to very much more in what “looks” and colors are concerned. In summer, for example, take advantage of the use of shorts that can be found in “denim” or “Chinese” style or you can also combine styles. Basic t-shirt with printed trousers for example. Choose always a risk and you will see how little by little you will be right.

Dress styles

Along with the fact of taking into account what your body is like, or the lifestyle you wear to know how to get the clothes you wear right, we also have to talk about dress styles and how these are also suited to each moment and above all, It is necessary to know what tendencies are given for each one of them.

There are many styles of clothing for men that we find from the proposals of fashion firms, so we want to review those that are essential and with which you can dress appropriately for every occasion.

Casual style”

We begin with the “casual”, a dress style of leftovers known and popularized among men, which consist of dressing in an informal but appropriate manner. What do I mean by this? Well, you must have basic clothes in your closet that can serve you both to go to work and to go out with friends for example. Garments that combined, provide a current style but without falling into formalities.

For example, betting on chinos, in shades like a camel, and some sweater or shirt will be the key to a casual fall-winter. In summer you can dress the same though with Bermuda shorts or also short sleeve shirts. The athletic shoe also goes well with this kind of style.

Style “Denim”

The “denim” is a style of dress that is very popular, although it consists of the fact of combining denim clothes, such as jeans, shirts or jackets and at the same time introducing other garments that we can also include in that style.

In this way, next to the fact of being the main one that combines a Texan style, it will always be good to introduce jersey style garments, printed shirts and of course, that you wear basic shirts like white ones that are in fact, another reference inside of fashion style “denim”.

“Athleisure” style

The style ” athleisure ” is perhaps one of the most recent styles of dress although we can not say that it is new. Maybe it has become a trend that is very popular in recent months, but the truth is that wearing sportswear combined with other clothes that are not, is something that many men have been doing for years.

In this way, you can bet on jogger pants, combined with sweatshirts, and at the same time, dress shirts, or sweatshirts with jeans or chinos. It is undoubtedly an informal style although it provides a cooler “look” when dressing in comfortable clothes.

Formal style

Of the styles of dress that I have mentioned so far, all of them are quite identified with the fact of dressing in an informal way, but we also have to highlight as not, the style of formal dress that is essential in certain occasions.

Thus, you should always have in the closet a suit or several, so that you can dress formally when you have an appointment, a work meeting, an event or any occasion that requires formality.

There are men who, because of their work, should even wear suits on a daily basis, so that they may dominate the formal style and they will know that key suits such as black, navy blue or gray are key . In addition, also within this type of style, we can add combinations such as betting on blazers with jeans and shirt or a simple dark-colored sweater with dress pants or chinos, which can also be considered formal “looks”.

Style “boho”

Another of the dress styles for men we want to refer to is the “boho” style that seems to have become fashionable some time ago, and although it prevails among women, men have also noticed him.

This style, which we find references in celebrities such as Johnny Depp, makes fashion “hippie” clothing base although updated to the present, using “slim” jeans, dark shirts with vests, or striped shirts, and as not the use of accessories such as felt hats, handkerchiefs, necklaces, and bracelets.

“Hipster” style

Along with the style “boho” is also imposed between the styles of dress 2018 which is “hipster” style that also seems to have penetrated deep into many men while we must bear in mind that not only is characterized by a series of determined garments but In addition, it is also “hipster” to wear a certain type of beard and even hairstyle.

Anyway, if we have to look at the clothes that characterize the “hipster” style without mentioning the long and bushy beards or the “undercut” haircuts, you can not miss the plaid shirts , nor the dark and tight jeans , as well as the use of napa, tejjan, suede and, of course, boots and booties as the key to footwear.

Rock style

A style that as its name suggests will be the use of clothing that is associated with rock culture and although it is nothing new, the truth is that it has also been updated to our days.

In this way, if you want to be able to dress with a rock style of 2018, you can not miss it, a good leather jacket, and a tight jeans , but you must also introduce other items such as printed shirts, as well as use of accessories such as felt hats and handkerchiefs as well as shoes that do not only have to boot, they can be perfectly a bit more stylized shoes.

Sport style

We have already mentioned the style “athleisure”, as one of the dress styles that current trend, but we can not forget the sporty style as it is known the style that corresponds to wear sports clothes.

A style that, like everyone else, has evolved and is now characterized by the use of breathable materials and garments that also look at the latest trends in color and prints to present the latest in sweatshirts, sportswear, tracksuits, and clothes with what you generally wear when you go to the gym, practice some sport or simply want to be comfortable.

Basic Guide to always get your clothes and accessories on every occasion

For all those who are obstinate for not knowing how to dress, or that the “world” of fashion seems completely foreign to them and do not decide to change or improve themselves, we have developed a series of tips to achieve greater elegance and a ” know how to dress “.

How to choose the right clothes

If you want to know how you are dressing, you will see it in the clothes you choose. Each occasion requires a different type of garment: if you are at a formal dinner, you will need formal garments.

The idea that we can make is a consultation with your relatives, finding out how formal the event is that you will attend, and thus be able to choose the right clothes.

Seeing yourself formal all day is bad, and looking casual all day, too. Remember that the ends are never good, so an intermediate style is never lacking in elegance.


Where everything starts It is essential to be comfortable from the most intimate. This means that you must choose a comfortable underwear that allows you to move easily while giving you confidence (before a partner, of course). It is usually left aside easily, and as we have said, it should not only be thought for the intimate moments of a couple, but also in comfort, something that is also linked to the image.

How to dress well in sports clothes

Athletic clothing, as its name says, is to be used in a sporting activity. If you are using this type of clothing to go out, it’s wrong (unless you use it to go a second shopping or to do something quickly). Sportswear is used for sports, final point.

We have to, as we have said before, analyze what our figure is. The secret lies in highlighting the positive points and in camouflaging what we like least about our body. If you do not have marked abs and you have a belly, do not wear tight shirts. But beware, this does not mean that you wear the XXL shirts, the only thing that will look like these is that you have been abducted by a sack of potatoes and it will seem at first sight that you have more kilos left over. Use a shirt that is wide, but not giant. As if you have very thick legs, do not wear tight pants or tights.

Another very important rule is to dress depending on the sport you are going to perform. Come on, if you’re going to do pilates or even yoga do not go with tight shorts that you would use to do spinning.

Hats, caps and fashion accessories

Regarding this section, we must consider that many times the campaigns of the brands we wear often present the use of fashion accessories, with different styles and combinations of colors. Especially in winter, the use of hats should not be out of harmony, each combination with other garments should follow a style, and more still keep a close relationship with the colors used to dress.

More useful tips in Mascos to dress well

In Mascos, We have published a series of articles, with proposals and advice, so that you can learn to improve your appearance when dressing. Small tricks that will make the appearance better.

Every man has ever wondered how to combine his socks with his pants or has done some other questioning of this kind at some point in his life. Here are 6 important points that can clarify a bit the confusion that may arise at the time of combining some clothes.

Always combine the belt with the shoes. 

how to dress well men

This is a very good rule and easy to carry out. It is better to stay in traditional colors such as black, dark brown or cinnamon.

Other colors will be difficult to combine, therefore, it is better to avoid them.

If you wear sneakers, you should probably wear jeans, in which case it would be better to wear a woven belt or a casual belt, but it is better to avoid wearing belts if you wear jeans and sneakers. If you wear suspenders, better not use a belt.

  • How to combine ties with shirts. The tie of the same color as the shirt or a lighter shade has already been seen too much.

    Try to mix a little more the colors and designs of the ties and experiment a bit. Neckties are a good way to express yourself. You will never fare badly if you test with diagonal stripes, modern dots, Scottish patterns or subtle patterns.

    Try to make sure your tie matches with your shirt, sweater, coat, or whatever you’re wearing. It is better to avoid ties with novel designs, as they usually have a short life in the fashion world.

    Ties can be knotted in many ways. Choose your style, you can experiment. Each different node will express something different.

    It is preferable that you do not use clips in the ties, they look better without them. We leave you a video of how to tie a tie correctly.

  • Folds versus smooth front in the pants. In most cases, the pants with the smooth front look better than those with pleats (those that are pleated at the waist). The folds make you look less thin.

    Some men say they wear pleated pants because it’s more comfortable or because the flat pants in front are for athletic bodies. And the truth is that all men can wear pants without creases and they will look better.

    If you want to feel more comfortable and comfortable you can buy a larger size or order in the place where you buy that you enlarge the waist. In short, straight trousers in front without folds forward are more fashionable.

  • Socks. The official rule with regard to socks is that they should match the color of the pants, not the exact same tone unless you are wearing black pants, in which case it is okay for the socks to be black. The socks with some design are very good, stripes or patterns of various colors. But it is important that the colors of the socks match the shoes and pants.

    White socks should be reserved for the gym. Now a video of how to wear short socks or mini socks.

  • Watches. Watches are the best accessory that a man can use. For this reason, it is good to invest in a good watch.

    If you have more than one watch, wear the appropriate watch for the occasion, black mesh if the belt and shoes are black, brown if they are, or silver for other colors.

  • Glasses. The glasses are one of the accessories in which you can express yourself freely. They do not have to simply fulfill their function, but they can also favor the totality of your look.

    Do not just look for those lenses that favor the shape of your face, but also express your personality. When you buy glasses it is good to be advised in what way and style they should be so that they favor your face and features.

  • The clothes must be your size: At present,  many men suffer from the syndrome of bad dress, ie, dress with sizes that are not those that correspond to them, and that usually are two or three sizes more great of what they really need.

    We do not know for sure why this syndrome of bad dressing, but I’m sure one of the influences of this problem is because of the “rappers and reggaetoneros” who wear clothes that are too large and therefore men tend to Wear wide clothes too.

Forget about wide shirts at the time of dressing formally.

  • Choose a more fitted shirt that will make you look better. Leave the clothes wide for your training or to feel more comfortable when you are at home. Remember that the image we project is very important.
  • It may seem silly, but it is a reality, the garment that you wear should be of your size to achieve a better effect before the eyes of other people and also to feel good about yourself.
  • This is a super simple advice that I hope you put into practice to end once and for all with the bad dressing syndrome that afflicts society.
  • At least use it when they go to work or in more formal clothes, they already know that personal presence is the most important thing, especially in work environments. And if not, compare the next two photographs.
  • Finally, remember that using jewelry is not bad. Do you have any advice to share? We are waiting for you, and we will continue giving you advice on how to dress
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