They may not have noticed, but one of the parts of the body that makes men more attractive is the jaw. Almost all actors and models have a defined jaw, you can see how clearly the line is marked between your face and your neck. So to give you a more masculine look, that combines with your aesthetic body (if you are following the routines and diets of LIFT you probably already have one) and you are an alpha male from head to toe, we are going to give you the tips to have one more jaw strong and structured.

1) Lower your fat levels

Believe it or not, this is the MOST important step to have a structured jaw, as you can see in the photos, when you lower your percentage of fat not only makes you have abs and veins, it also makes your face more defined. This happens because when you lose percentage of fat, you lose it from the whole body at the same time, and fat can also be installed on your face and chin (in some more than in others, it is a matter of genetics). So if you have about 15% body fat, you look in the mirror, and complain that you do not have a defined chin, there’s no problem; use one of our routines and diets as an Extreme Definition  to lose 8% fat and you will see yourself totally different.

2) Lower your sodium levels (salt)

Having a diet high in salt can cause your body to retain more fluids than normal, body water expands to an extracellular level. You can get to retain approximately 1.5 liters more than normal water when you are consuming high levels of sodium (salt). And with the same principles of the last point, this water is not retained only in your abdomen and muscles, but also in the face. If you lower your level of salt intake, you will lower your water level in the body, and this will lead to a more defined face and jaw.

3) Exercise your jaw!

Your jaw has muscles like the rest of your body, if you train it often you will develop bigger muscles. Given the size of the jaw muscle compared to your legs or pectorals do not expect to grow much, but if you can see a significant change. There are many exercises for the jawline

Kiss to heaven

1. Open your mouth as much as you can

2. Lift your head towards the ceiling

3. Close your lips and try to kiss the sky by adjusting your jaw

4. Repeat 10-15 repetitions

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