Resting correctly is essential to face the daily activity. The problems related to sleep are a global epidemic that affects the health and quality of life of 50% of the world population. Normally these sleep disturbances are caused by some type of occasional stress or stress , by heat, by having some pain, which cause anxiety or transient concern, but there are also people who suffer from chronic insomnia and need to resort to sleep professionals to alleviate its consequences.

The damages of the alterations of the sleep routine are numerous, both for mental and physical health. Also according to a recent study of sleep quality sleep can reduce body fat as long as it is done during the amount of hours needed.

Tricks to sleep well

Taking into account that human beings spend almost a third of our lives sleeping and resting and knowing the great importance of good sleep is supposed to restore our physical and psychological balance, it is essential to learn what small gestures and customs in our day to day can provide us with the task of falling asleep as soon as we lie down in bed. That is why from MensandBeauty & Beauty we bring you a series of tips to achieve a peaceful sleep every night , essential for our body to be healthy and energized to face any task the next day.

# 1 Short naps

Taking a nap is beneficial if, for example, you have not had a good night or simply to continue with energy all afternoon, but if they are very long it will be counterproductive . A maximum of 20 to 30 minutes will feel great. More than that could make us fall asleep at night.

# 2 Take fewer drinks with caffeine

The coffee , the tea or soda can apetecer much throughout the day but caffeine will cause us more trouble sleeping at night and also increase the need to wake up to pee. There are relaxing drinks that will help us to rest better , such as a glass of hot milk with cocoa or orange blossom honey , an infusion of lime blossom and orange blossom, an infusion of lemon balm or valerian or lemon verbena , there are many and very varied and you can find them in almost any store or in a herbalist.

# 3 Exercise in the afternoon

Exercising at least 30 minutes a day is very beneficial , but you have to be careful when practicing since it would be best to practice it in the afternoon about 3 hours before going to sleep. Staying active during the day doing any type of sport will make us get a good night’s sleep since when you are tired you fall asleep faster, you get a higher percentage of deep sleep and you wake up less frequently during the night.

In addition it also has to do with the temperature since while we sleep the cerebral and corporal temperature goes down considerably therefore everything that produces hypothermia favors drowsiness. Hence, the sport is beneficial because it first heats the body, but after a few hours there is a general cooling of the body.

# 4 Take a few minutes to stretch

Spend 10-15 minutes a day stretching your arms, legs, back and neck on a mat. If you do not have one, use a sheet or a carpeted space in your house. Turn your shoulders back. Inspire and exhale deeply for a few minutes. Stretching will relax you to be more prepared when you go to sleep.

# 5 Disconnect from everything

Two hours before getting into bed the ideal is to engage in tasks that do not produce anxiety or worry such as reading, watching TV, listening to music. It is not advisable to answer work emails , look at bank accounts or engage in heated discussions before bedtime. A time before going to sleep is the time to calm down and stop work problems. All worries should be left out of bed. Practice a meditation exercise , reflect on what happened in the day or use a few minutes to make a list of things we want to do the next day will help us organize our mind and be more calm.

# 6 Dress comfortably

If you already have on your pajamas and you can not fall asleep, get out of bed and change it for another. This will make your body feel ready to rest. While you sleep, it is common to cool your feet, which is the part of the body with the worst circulation. This feeling can break sleep so wear socks to sleep , will favor your convenience and do not wake up, even at the risk of your Compañ er @ bed do not put too much in tune this practice.

# 7 Adjust the temperature

Very cold or very hot enough to keep you awake all night . The temperature of your room should be between 21º and 23º.  When sleeping, the internal temperature of the body reaches its lowest level, so being in a cool room could help you sleep more pleasantly.

# 8 Early dinner

In our country the most normal thing is to dine from 9:00 p.m. since dinner before is considered almost a snack, but it is a bad practice to get a good night’s sleep. Digestion makes sleep more difficult than lying down can cause reflux into the esophagus. To avoid these problems, it is best to get used to dinner at least two hours before bedtime. We must also take care of the type of dinner, which is not very heavy. However, it is also advisable to go to bed hungry . Dates are good to help you sleep, include them in your dinner since the tryptophan they contain helps to secrete melatonin, the hormone that regulates the state of sleep

# 9 Sleep completely in the dark

The hours before getting into bed, should be carried out a deceleration of light (lamps, television, phones, computers). In addition, the dark favors the secretion of melatonin also called sleep hormone , which favors drowsiness and prepares the brain to sleep. Therefore you should try to sleep in a room as dark as possible.

# 10 Sleep less than eight hours

According to some experts, the belief that you should sleep eight hours can be counterproductive . There are studies that indicate that people who sleep seven hours a day have a lower mortality rate than those who sleep eight hours or more. The ideal would be between 6.5 and 7.4 hours , but each person is a world, there are those who only need to sleep 4 hours and there are those who need 9.

# 11 Use the power of aromatherapy

Some aromatic plants, such as lavender or orange blossom have been shown to be effective in preparing the brain for the necessary nighttime shutdown . This is why aromacology plays an important role in some sleep recovery programs. Put a few drops of essential oils from these plants on the pillow or impregnate a wipe and tuck it under the sheets.

# 12 Take care of the mattress

It is very important both the choice of the mattress and its maintenance . According to the Spanish Bed Association, Spain is the European country that takes the longest to change the mattress, doing it every 12.6 years on average. He should replace him every ten years at the most , since once that time has elapsed he loses firmness and other conditions.

# 13 Set routines

Maintaining the same practices and routines at bedtime help combat occasional insomnia . Having a series of guidelines that we do every day before going to bed will be very useful for mind and body to prepare for the moment of rest. It is advisable to go to bed and wake up always at the same time , as much as possible, both on working days and holidays. Use the bed only for sleeping or having sex, because if a person gets used to watching television, working or doing other activities on the bed, later difficulties may arise to fall asleep. You can also carry out a series of habits before going to sleep, such as massages or baths. The hot baths help especially due to the change in temperature that is created when leaving. It is about repeating relaxing actions.

# 14 Say goodbye to tobacco and alcohol

Smoking is a great enemy of rest , apart from our health in general. Nicotine causes an effect in our body that makes it difficult for us to fall asleep easily. For its part, alcohol depresses the nervous system, which helps to fall asleep. However, this effect disappears within a few hours , which causes us to wake up several times throughout the night, preventing a good sleep. In addition to this, alcohol magnifies snoring and other breathing problems related to sleep.

# 15 Get up if you do not fall asleep

Staying in bed after 20 or 30 minutes awake after going to sleep is an indicator that we are not relaxed and therefore, it will cost us to fall asleep. Get up, go read a bit or watch TV a bit, try to relax and get distracted from the day’s worries and then go back to bed. Going around and around in it for hours will not speed up the process.

Take care of your “temple” of rest

The place where you sleep should be a temple of tranquility and silence . Distractions such as mobile, laptop or television should be outside the rest area. The room should be tidy and with few objects around to facilitate that quiet environment that requires a good night’s sleep.

The quality of the mattress, pillow or bedding that we have will also be important , but in addition to its comfort we should seek its maintenance  and carry out a series of tasks for it like  washing your pillow at least once every three months to avoid that becomes a nest of mites and bacteria   also the sheets, which is recommended to change every week and wash at least 60 degrees to effectively kill bacteria, and even, the mattress must be aerated and shake every six months , so it does not accumulate dust, bacteria and mold that can lead to infections and allergic reactions of all kinds interfering in a pleasant sleep.

If the sleep problem persists, you should see a specialist to rule out insomnia or a sleep disorder. Similarly, if you are one of those who manage to fall asleep without problem but suffer multiple awakenings throughout the night, you must remedy your situation aided by a professional (sometimes it may be due to a desynchronization of the sleep cycle but can also respond to other health problems such as depression).

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