What is atherosclerosis?

Performing physical activity and controlling the diet are two habits that are important in this disease.

Arteriosclerosis is a condition in which blood vessels become thick and rigid.

The most common cause is the accumulation of fat, calcium or other substances that partially obstruct the free circulation of blood.

Can atherosclerosis be prevented?

Arteriosclerosis usually gets worse with age, since substances accumulate inside the vessels. To prevent, or delay, this situation, we can  improve our eating habits

  • Consume pumpkin (the fruit or its seeds). Pumpkin can help decrease the absorption of fat in the arteries so that it will not accumulate in the blood vessels. In addition, vitamin C that gives us, along with beta-carotene, will prevent many of the cells in our arteries from degenerating. 

  • Eat fiber, present in fruit, vegetables, cereals … Thanks to fiber, the intestine absorbs less fat, thus reducing the amount that reaches the blood. 
  • Practice some kind of physical activity. Exercising can help lower our body’s cholesterol. Taking daily walks of 30 min at 1 hour at a brisk pace is enough, although you can practice the sport of your choice.

Complications of atherosclerosis

Myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and angina pectoris are some of the possible complications that this disease can bring. However, if the patient makes changes in his life habits and receives the appropriate treatment for his case, he can avoid them. Hence the importance of caring for and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following the doctor’s instructions.

Within habits, diet and exercise have a key role in the patient’s quality of life. Therefore, one of the first measures to be taken will always be the modification and improvement of these. However, if you have any questions or suffer from this disease, it is best to follow your doctor’s instructions.

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